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“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

Paul Rand once said “Design is the silent ambassador of your brand,” and at Yellowstone Timber Frame we believe that putting your best foot forward starts from the ground up.
Developers are always seeking new ways to create eye catching projects, and with more people moving toward “green” building, timber frame is an excellent option for sustainable features for your commercial building project. Whether you are looking for a timber frame event barn, handsome trusses in a shopping center, or an outdoor pavilion, Yellowstone Timber Frame is your source for commercial timber frame projects and accents.

Mass Timber

Mass timber is a type of framing style typically characterized by the use of large solid wood panels for wall, floor, and roof construction. It also includes innovative forms of sculptural buildings, and non-building structures formed from solid wood panels or framing systems of six feet or more in width or depth.

Mass timber projects can be completed about 25 percent quicker than a concrete project, which allows for significant savings. It also offers an economic boost for our lumber and manufacturing industry and reduces construction traffic by almost 90%.

Tall Timber

Tall timber is an industry term that identifies a mass timber building constructed with mass timber elements, that exceed current high limits set for wood buildings. With the innovations in architectural design, we are seeing a higher number of taller wood buildings being built. With these new designs we are signaling a new generation of amazing and creative design.

Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a large-scale, prefabricated, solid engineered wood panel. It is lightweight, yet very strong with superior acoustic, fire resistant, seismic, and high thermal performance. It is extremely fast and easy to install, generating almost no onsite waste.

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is the primary building source that makes tall mass timber buildings a possibility today. CLT is a manufactured lumber, that is mass plywood panels of specific width or specific dimensions laid side-by-side to form various thickness that are adhered together using a heat resistant adhesive.

CLT wood panels can be anywhere from 6 inches to 20 inches in thickness and typically 60 feet long. CLT panels will be 6 inches to 14 inches in thickness. The fabricated panels are created off site and then transported to the construction site. The assembly of the CLT panels are extremely efficient and fast. CLT panels can be used for floors, walls, or roof building. With the advancement of mass timber building, and the code changes, there will be more tall mass timber buildings throughout the United States, allowing for amazing architecture and design features to be showcased in new ways.

trusses, posts, beams and more

Make your next build a commercial timber frame.

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